Baby Bogs Dino Electric Blue UK3 UK6 UK8 & UK9

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By Bogs

Does your child move like Frankenstein when they wear wellies?

These are the BEST wellie alternatives. The 9 wonders of Baby Bogs:

1. Wide toe box - for toes to wriggle!
2. Zero-drop - no heels here.
3. Lightweight - much lighter than a conventional wellie owing to Neo-tech fabric.
4. Warm - Neo-tech fabric, and plush lining mean feet stay warm to -10ºC!
5. Flexible - flat, thin sole lets their feet do their thing even in wellies (or Bogs actually).
6. Breathable - Neo-tech fabric breaths, let them wear them all day, even in the house (just make sure they're clean enough!).
7. Machine washable - hose them for a quick clean, or put them in the machine for complete cleanliness.
8. Easy on - let Little Miss or Mr Independent learn to pull their own boots on using the handles on the side.
9. Vegan Friendly
Suitable for a variety of foot widths and depths.
The colourful designs and kid-friendly handles of Baby Bogs will capture their imagination - soon enough they'll say, "I can do this myself!" 
As always - check your child's foot length as every manufacturer sizes differently!
Manufacturer's size UK Size (nearest equivalent) Shoe Length Shortest Suggested Foot Measurement* Longest Suggested Foot Measurement**
US 4 UK 3 12.7cm 11.5cm 12.1cm
US 5 UK 4 13.6cm 12.4cm 13.0cm
US 6 UK 5 14.4cm 13.2cm 13.8cm
US 7 UK 6 15.2cm 14.0cm 14.6cm
US 8 UK 7 16.0cm 14.8cm 15.4cm
US 9 UK 8 16.8cm 15.6cm 16.2cm
US10 UK 9 17.6cm 16.4cm 17.0cm

*Allows 12mm space, may need to be less for smaller sizes, and could be more for confident walkers.

**Allows 6mm space, minimum recommended for longevity