Quite simply, I am passionate about foot health and development - for our own children and yours too.

I believe that barefoot is best however we live in the real world and know that it is not always possible to go 'barefoot' all the time.

Therefore, we present a range of shoes produced by like minded manufacturers, that help feet develop naturally. 

We are Team Bear-Foot!
Why choose us?
It is our mission to provide our customers with the best in barefoot shoes and the best online shopping experience that we can. 
1. Here you will find styles you won't see on the high street (and you'll love them!). 
2. We stock premium quality 'barefoot' shoes from around the world, that not only look stylish but promote the natural development of feet. 
3. We offer free UK delivery (on orders over £60) and easy returns on all orders.
Our brands have been tried and tested on our own kids and meet our specific criteria for natural foot development. 
Who & Where Are We?
We are a web-based business based in a village near Chorley in Lancashire.

Our Story
I love running. I started barefoot running (and 'saw the light') in 2010 (the same year my daughter was born). After years of running injury and trying every proposed 'cure' from new shoes, to gait analysis, to orthotic inserts, spending hundreds of pounds in physio and hours stretching - all without cure - I'd had one too many painful steps. I'd been reading about the effect of shoes on running efficiency and form and decided to go minimal - that is put a pair of those ridiculous gorilla shoes called Vibram Five Fingers on my feet - my injury woes literally went away over night. Eventually curiosity led me to remove my shoes completely -  I was on a new path and in a new era of my running. I was a convert. Barefoot was best.
It soon came time to buy some shoes for my daughter. With my new found wisdom I wondered what I could do for my child's feet. I knew barefoot was best for children. However regarding shoes, I quickly found out that children's feet are not miniature versions of adults' feet and that shoe selection was even more important for them than me. I identified manufacturers and looked for UK sellers.
The idea for Bear-Foot came out of repeated difficulty in obtaining the 'barefoot' shoes I wanted for my children. Stock/size/colour were difficult to find, and the web-experience less than pleasant. Hence I saw an issue that I wanted to address. A chance meeting with a shoe agent in the dentist (who identified my barefoot tendencies by the logo on the sole of my shoe) was the final push toward realising this dream.
So go on, select something from our range of footwear and let your children's feet develop as nature intended!
Phil Evans (Phd, barefoot runner, Dad).