The Power of Us #2 - Dave Firth

An outdoor adventure expert and his rescue duck Quackers 🦆

(oh yes & let's not forget the Feather Fairies 🧚)

Have you ever rescued an animal? How's about a days old duckling?

Let me introduce my good friend, outdoor adventure instructor, author and all-round amazing human - Dave Firth and his beautiful duck Quackers!

Dave is the Chief Instructor and co-founder (along with his lovely wife Kety) of Adventure 21 (@advenutre21ltd) an outdoor adventure and pursuits company based in the Lake District. 

Quackers is a rescue duck who cannot walk or fly as she has only one leg, however she enjoys lots of adventures with her human friends all around the UK. Quackers is also star of Dave's book Quackers and the Feather Fairies.

- The beautiful Quackers


Quackers hatched out of an egg around the shoreline of Lake Coniston in the Lake District in May 2016. An unfortunate accident on one her first ventures out resulted in her losing her leg. Lost and alone, she was picked up by staff at the Bluebird Café and later adopted by her new Dad. Dave took the little duckling home and her new Mum (Kety) cared for her, bathing and covering her wound and letting her swim in the bath.

Quackers recently celebrated her 5th birthday so you might wonder how one goes about caring for a one-legged duck whilst running a successful outdoor activities company. 

If you follow @the_adventures_of_quackers on Instagram you'll see the kind of real-life adventures Quackers and Dave get up to together.

Dave takes Quackers (literally) everywhere as she is completely reliant on him for all aspects of her land-based life. On the water Quackers loves a good swim and socialised with other animals. 

And Then Came Lockdown......

Like so many of us, lockdown put a complete stop on Adventure21's outdoor activities but that didn't stop Dave! Not one to dwell on the negative, Dave set about turning an idea he'd had into a reality.


"Lockdown Makes an Author of a Man!"


Quackers and the Feather Fairies

- Dave's wonderful book, written during lockdown 

Dave put pen to paper, in the first of hopefully many, magical stories of Quackers and her adventures. The book is fantastic quality and brilliantly illustrated and is available on Amazon now!


- the illustrations in the book are fantastic


How I met Dave......

I first met Dave when Joanne (my wife) bought me an activity day with Adventure21 in Coniston back in 2004. The day was brilliant!

What about Adventure21?

Adventure21 is a family-friendly company that runs just about every kind of outdoor activity you can imagine - canoeing, kayaking, rifle shooting, axe throwing, paint balling, abseiling, aquaseiling (abseiling down waterfalls!), gorge scrambling (climbing back up the water falls), canyoning (jumping from the tops of waterfalls into the pools below), raft building and tonnes more.  

Outdoor Adventures with my Tribe

Since that first experience with Dave I've had my stag weekend with them, and had many great family days out with Dave in and around Coniston. Dave even accommodated our dog Nutmeg on our family days!

 - Dave - doing what he does best - sharing his love of the outdoors


 - Dave rigged two canoes together and we sailed into Swallows and Amazons' territory

 - Hugh doing his best Robinson Crusoe impression


Just to remind you.

The whole point of this blog is to help each other out.

Therefore, if you're in the Lakes and fancy a cracking, wholesome and fun day out check out Adventure21. If you'd like to read Quackers and the Feather Fairies grab a copy on Amazon. 

I highly recommend doing both.

Thanks for reading.

A final shot from Quacker's Instagram page.



July 25, 2021 — Philip Evans