The Power of Us #1

This is where it all began, when I realised that relationships with 'customers' can so be so much more than 'Here's some shoes, wanna buy them?'


Let me tell you about Nic Moorey.


Nic inspires me.
Back in 2014 I received my first ever enquiry from a blogger. That blogger was Nic.
It therefore felt 'right' to me that I showcase Nic in the Power of Us #1 as our relationship fits perfectly the sentiment of this experiment. 
Nic is a mum of two boys, a wife, blogger, and currently balancing life commitments whilst studying to become a qualified aromatherapist!
And (of course) a subscriber on our list (that's what this is about ;).

As a Wellbeing Advisor with Weleda (@weledagloucester), it is Nic's mission to 'Create vibrant health with Weleda's natural medicines and organic skincare.'

On her blog 'Nip it in the Bud' Nic shares her adventures and believes you should 'let your life speak'; growing veg, small boys, hope and contentment.





Nic's own 'barefoot story' started with the realisation that most modern shoes are not foot-shaped and that her son's 'growing feet were not entirely happy inside his correctly sized, but narrow toed shoes.' prompted by her husband noticing 'that E’s 4th toe on each foot was looking a bit turned in.'


Nic promptly set to work looking for explanations and doing research to find a solution, whereupon Nic found Bear-Foot (my previous trading name) and so started a 7 year friendship.


Nic trialled a pair of Baby Bogs from me. Her son loved them and the reivew can be found here.


More recently Nic has focused on self-care and going back to nature. In doing so she discovered Weleda and a new path in life as an aromatherapist. 


And not to leave out Master E (Nic's eldest). He's also a creative soul and a fantastic artist. He's started a t-shirt brand - - check it out! 


If you're interested to find out more about Nic head to her pages on Instagram 

@weledagloucester or @inipitinthebud or her blog



Peace & Love.



Phil 😎🦶✌️

April 25, 2021 — Philip Evans