Trailer tent: Free to a Good Home.

Last weekend........

Camping. It's June. Summer? I wouldn't call it that. Well I didn't on Saturday when the rain came down. Rain? No that wasn't normal rain. Perhaps it was special Derbyshire rain (we were near Buxton after all) but our old trailer tent leaked. Not just a bit but lots. Not just in the awning either - we could have managed with that - nope right down the middle of the sleeping compartment, the poor dog would have been soaked. Nobody would have slept. Luckily it was still the afternoon.

Princess Nutmeg - The Story of a Pedigree Mongrel!

Ladies and Gentlemen………

Some of you may have notice a cute little fur ball in the background of some of my latest posts on FaceBook (in fact someone did comment!). We have a new addition to our team – (Princess) Nutmeg, our crazy labradoodle.

May 13, 2015 — Philip Evans

Introducing Team Bear-Foot!

This is the first blog article since we launched the website.

In our blog entries you can expect infonews and real-life reviews of our products using our own children as testers. 

Team Bear-Foot: On our testing panel we have a 4 year old princess (Popsy) into all things pink and princessy (it's a new word!), and a two year old thug, he will be called Chewey. Popsy, has narrow feet and helps me gauge whether the shoes are sufficiently pink! Chewey, has wide sweaty feet! Amongst other things, he helps me gauge whether the robustness of the shoes via the scooter braking test (a complex test that will be reviewed in a future post).


-Phil (Store owner, barefoot runnerDad)

October 04, 2013 — Philip Evans