Discovering Growth Mindset with my Kids
This just happened this morning so thought I’d share it.

I managed to convince Hugh to join Nutmeg 🐕 and me on a run🏃‍♂️ .

He didn’t want to. He knew that much.

The TV and ‘chill time’ were certainly calling him and the prospect of another day in school doesn’t fill him enthusiasm.

He knows how I get all giddy about doing little challenges though 😊.

And I’d mentioned this one last night without takers.

So he said he do it for me.

It started out him doing it for me but ended for himself.

A 10km loop down the canal and back on a bridleway.

As soon as we set off he perked up.

The crisp air.

The bird song.

The conversation.

The tranquility at 7am.

We exchanged a brief ‘Good Morning’ with a walker on the canal.

“He was nice Dad.”

Then we saw a heron.

Some new geese (Greylag I think) were on the canal.

Then Nutmeg disturbed 3 deer 🦌.

We saw some ducklings🐥(whose mother 🦆shouted at us to go away).

All before we turned to head home.

On the track back we talked.

Hugh then turned and said ‘Thanks Dad’.

He went on to explain that he’d realised he could have sat on the sofa, watching TV, but instead this was better.

He attacked the last two hills with vigour and pride.

And with that we were home.

Even before getting to school he had a sense of achievement from the day.

Tomorrow we’ll try the skate ramps before school (and I’ll do some sprints!).

See if we can make this a ‘thing’.

Even a sporadic ‘thing’ would be good.

Well. This is what we did this morning.

Phil 😎🦶✌️
April 15, 2021 — Philip Evans